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Forces From Him Will Arise: Iranian Coup and the Treacherous Dealer

Forces From Him Will Arise: Iranian Coup and the Treacherous Dealer

Dan 8:15 'And it cometh to pass in my seeing—I, Daniel—the vision, that I require understanding, and lo, standing over-against me is as the appearance of a mighty one.

Dan 8:16 And I hear a voice of man between the banks of Ulai, and he calleth and saith: Gabriel, cause this one to understand the appearance.

Dan 8:17 And he cometh in near my station, and at his coming in I have been afraid, and I fall on my face, and he saith unto me: Understand, son of man, for at the time of the end is the vision.

Dan 8:18 And in his speaking with me, I have been in a trance on my face, on the earth; and he cometh against me, and causeth me to stand on my station,

Dan 8:19 and saith: Lo, I—I am causing thee to know that which is in the latter end of the indignation; for, at the appointed time is the end.

Dan 8:20 'The ram that thou hast seen possessing two horns, are the kings of Media and Persia.

Dan 8:21 And the young he-goat, the hairy one, is the king of Javan; and the great horn that is between its eyes is the first king;

Dan 8:22 and that being broken, stand up do four in its place, four kingdoms from the nation do stand up, and not in its power.

Dan 8:23 'And in the latter end of their kingdom, about the perfecting of the transgressors, stand up doth a king, fierce of face, and understanding hidden things;

Dan 8:24 and his power hath been mighty, and not by his own power; and wonderful things he destroyeth, and he hath prospered, and wrought, and destroyed mighty ones, and the people of the Holy Ones.

Dan 8:25 'And by his understanding he hath also caused deceit to prosper in his hand, and in his heart he exerteth himself, and by ease he destroyeth many; and against the prince of princes he standeth—and without hand he is broken.

Dan 8:26 And the appearance of the evening and of the morning, that is told, is true; and thou, hide thou the vision, for it is after many days.'

Dan 8:27 And I, Daniel, have been, yea, I became sick for days, and I rise, and do the king's work, and am astonished at the appearance, and there is none understanding.

Tillerson’s “Peaceful” Regime Change for Iran: Really? And What Comes Next?

Trump allies push White House to consider regime change in Tehran

Iran urges massive rallies on International Quds Day

The Coming War Between Saudi Arabia And Iran Will Make American Frackers Very Rich

Time to reconsider reality in light of western policy combined with "Netanyahu's War". Watch this Frontline Documentary before reading any further.

This earlier post further illustrates the complex set of factors involved The Sealed Scroll - Jeremiah 32 by End Time Tribune

Consider these past news stories.

Iranian FM chides Netanyahu over Purim spiel, says Persians saved the Jews 3 times

Iranian spin on Purim: Persia saved the Jews, didn’t want to kill them

Netanyahu Purim Speech: Queen Esther Tale Invoked During Congress Iran Address

On Purim, Israel’s Prime Minister needs to learn Jewish history

Netanyahu gives Obama the Book of Esther. Biblical parable for nuclear Iran?

In Daniel 10 a fairly serious detail is revealed at the time of Cyrus the Great, which does not make sense at first glance, yet comes into stark clarity in light of Esther 9:24 in the LXX.

Dan 10:1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a thing is revealed to Daniel, whose name is called Belteshazzar, and the thing is true, and the warfare is great: and he hath understood the thing, and hath understanding about the appearance.

Dan 10:11 'And he saith unto me: Daniel, man greatly desired, attend to the words that I am speaking unto thee, and stand on thy station, for now I have been sent unto thee. 'And when he speaketh with me this word, I have stood trembling.

Dan 10:12 And he saith unto me: Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that thou didst give thy heart to understand, and to humble thyself before thy God, thy words have been heard, and I have come because of thy words.

Dan 10:13 'And the head of the kingdom of Persia is standing over-against me twenty and one days, and lo, Michael, first of the chief heads, hath come in to help me, and I have remained there near the kings of Persia;

Dan 10:14 and I have come to cause thee to understand that which doth happen to thy people in the latter end of the days, for yet the vision is after days.

Dan 10:15 'And when he speaketh with me about these things, I have set my face toward the earth, and have been silent;

Dan 10:16 and lo, as the manner of the sons of men, he is striking against my lips, and I open my mouth, and I speak, and say unto him who is standing over-against me: My lord, by the appearance turned have been my pangs against me, and I have retained no power.

Dan 10:17 And how is the servant of this my lord able to speak with this my lord? as for me, henceforth there remaineth in me no power, yea, breath hath not been left in me.

Dan 10:18 'And he addeth, and striketh against me, as the appearance of a man, and strengtheneth me,

Dan 10:19 and he saith: Do not fear, O man greatly desired, peace to thee, be strong, yea, be strong; and when he speaketh with me, I have strengthened myself, and I say, Let my lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me.

Dan 10:20 And he saith, Hast thou known why I have come unto thee? and now I turn back to fight with the head of Persia; yea, I am going forth, and lo, the head of Javan hath come;

Dan 10:21 but I declare to thee that which is noted down in the Writing of Truth, and there is not one strengthening himself with me, concerning these, except Michael your head.

One should already recognize this is a type and shadow, of what happened then and of what is to come. Many translations render "Javan" as "Greece", where the Hebrew is "Javan" and the LXX is "Greece"

From Daniel 8 the historical perspective was always pointing to Alexander the Great, therefore one should already recognize that Javan is indeed Macedonia. 

Therefore it is crucial to understand all of the history of Macedonia and Alexander the Great in order to understand what is to come. It is through this shadow and silhouette that the "False Prophet" also known as the Assyrian will rise in the latter days.

Now look at Daniel 10 again, why was the warning being delivered that the Prince of Javan was on his way? This is where the 9th chapter of Esther from the LXX combined with the Hebrew of Agagite or Amalekite becomes important. The LXX refers to Haman as a "Macedonian"

Thomson(i) 24 how Haman of Amadathu, the Macedonian, warred against them; as he made calculations and cast lots to destroy them,

24 G4459 ADV πως N-PRI αμαν N-GSM αμαδαθου G3588 T-NSM ο G3110 N-NSM μακεδων G4170 V-IAI-3S επολεμει G846 D-APM αυτους G2531 ADV καθως G5087 V-AMI-3S εθετο N-ASN ψηφισμα G2532 CONJ και G2819 N-ASM κληρον V-AAN αφανισαι G846 D-APM αυτους

LSJ Gloss:Μακεδώνa Macedonian Dodson:Μακεδώνa Macedoniana Macedonian, an inhabitant of the Roman province Macedonia.Strong's:Μακεδών a Macedon (Macedonian), i.e. inhabitant of Macedonia
Derivation: of uncertain derivation;

1) a Macedonian

Amalek stormed Egypt after the Exodus and became known as the "Hyksos". Upon their expulsion from Egypt they settled in Boeotia Thebes in Greece. This is simple explanation of far more complex study of history. The simple way to confirm this is to study all of the passages in the Bible concerning Amalek and then comparing key details with the Greek historians such as Herodotus, most notably look for the crescent moon pendants.

From here it is fairly easy to comprehend that someone from Thebes moving to Macedonia or even migrating and mixing with the population would produce an Amalekite from Macedonia.

From this perspective Daniel 10 and Esther 9 combined all of the sudden make sense. This also alters the commonly held chronology in many theological circles placing the events of the book of Esther far earlier than is commonly taught. Which is a topic for another time.

The heart of the matter here is the distortion which has been pushed by the Western Media along with the statements made by Netanyahu which have been used to create the narrative of the Iranian nuclear weapon's program. Selling the narrative to the "NeoCon's" and their modern day "Crusaders" has been largely ignored as somehow most in the West bought into the idea that "Persia" was the enemy in the book of Esther, when this is blatantly incorrect. The enemy was always Haman and the type and shadow of the latter days is the rise of the Assyrian.

This documentary from Showtime leads to further questions concerning Iran and the release of the Stuxnet Cyber Weapon.

Zero Days

A new film gives a frightening look at how the US used cyberwarfare to destroy nukes

In this documentary one name is mentioned only for a moment Abdul Qadeer Khan a Pakistani Nuclear scientist which the West knew full well that he was selling Nuclear Technology and plans to multiple countries and did nothing about it. One excuse was due to the fact that the west was funneling forces through to fight the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Many factors surrounding 1978-79 are very important in light of the fact that this window of time was 2300 years after the death of Alexander the Great.

Recall that Alexander was in Persia,  Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and when he tried to breach that barrier to the "Kings of the East", Alexander met with fierce resistance from the "Saka tribe of the Scythian" and knew that he could not win in battle against them by conventional means. Instead he chose to befriend them and married into that "Tribe" This will become important as this series progresses in future posts. 

A closer examination of AQ Khan's role in the "Iranian Nuclear Crisis" is in order.

Profile: Abdul Qadeer Khan

Pakistan’s nuclear father, master spy - World news - South and Central Asia - Pakistan

An Unsettling Report on Iran and North Korea

Abdul Qadeer Khan: 'My name is clear'

On 9 October 2006, with 20 minutes warning, North Korea notified China that it was about to detonate its first nuclear device.

China’s leadership sent an emergency alert to the White House, where President George W Bush got word that a North Korean test was imminent. It was a glaring defeat of efforts to control the spread of nuclear weapons technology.

"We must act on every lead. We will find the middlemen, the suppliers and the buyers. Our message to proliferators must be consistent and it must be clear: we will find you, and we’re not going to rest until you are stopped," Bush declared.

[The West is] bullying this country, such a small country, for the last 60 years, threatening them, boycotting, putting embargoes, economic sanctions, all those things. So this is a verbal tit-for-tat from their side. They know they would become charcoal within five minutes if they do anything wrong, if they took any wrong step. There won't be any North Korea on the map of the world within 5-10 minutes. They know it. And they are not so stupid to do such an irrational thing.

But the spread of technology had not been stopped, and it was not just North Korea - Iran, and Libya had also mastered the ability to enrich uranium, a critical step for any country that might want to manufacture nuclear weapons.

So, how did that happen? In 2004, the US announced that intelligence services had established the existence of a vast underground network of suppliers of nuclear technology and skills. It was, they alleged, led by Abdul Qadeer Khan, also known as the 'father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb'.

Overnight, AQ Khan became one of the most wanted men in the world.

Pakistan’s military regime, then led by General Pervez Musharraf, responded by isolating Khan, putting him under house arrest, and shielding him from the outside world. No one was allowed to talk to him, not even the CIA or the IAEA, whose chairman at the time, Mohamed ElBaradei, described the Khan network:

"It’s mind-boggling .... All I know is there’s at least more than 30 companies in 30 countries all over the globe involved in this fantastic, sophisticated illicit trafficking network with Mr AQ Khan acting as CEO."

After working as a nuclear scientist in Europe for several years, Khan had returned to Pakistan to build the nation’s capabilities. While doing so, he allegedly brought in extra equipment and parts from suppliers around the world.

These suppliers were located in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Malaysia and Turkey. He then sold the extra parts, and his know-how to clients in Libya, Iran and North Korea, and he used banking and shipment services in Dubai for the transactions.

AQ Khan was forced to go on national TV to confess:

"The recent international events and their fallout on Pakistan have traumatised the nation. I have much to answer for it. The recent investigation was ordered by the government of Pakistan consequent to the disturbing disclosures and evidence by some countries to international agencies, relating to alleged proliferation activities by certain Pakistanis and foreigners over the last two decades. The investigation has established that many of the reported activities did occur and that these were inevitably initiated at my behest."

Khan later retracted this confession.

He was also careful not to confess to all the allegations and, until this day, many questions remain. When the Swiss government tried to uncover who in that country had been supplying AQ Khan, a parliamentary commission found that evidence had been destroyed, apparently after pressure from the US - raising suspicions that the US had something to hide.

So, why exactly did the Musharraf regime stop AQ Khan from talking to international investigators? Did he have evidence implicating his own government in his activities?

This week, Talk to Al Jazeera sits down with AQ Khan, the former head of Pakistan's nuclear programme. to discuss allegations that he gave nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya. We also talk about his political ambitions, and his visions for the future of Pakistan.

Source: Al Jazeera

This now leaves more questions than answers concerning Iranian plans for a nuclear weapon program. One source which helps to maybe unravel this is Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter which to a degree has many good points and at the same time still does not provide a definitive and satisfactory answer. This article from Vice News also presents many of these same questions. The Great Iranian Nuclear Swindle.

Leaving one with a similar conclusion as expressed in this video from Vice News a simple "I don't know" 

This is not to say that Iran is not a threat to Israel, the latest threat from Iran on "Quds" day and the "Quds" Force, as "Quds" means Jerusalem clearly shows that they are. That is not up for debate by any stretch of the imagination.

In order to understand the reality of the Western nations role in securing Iranian oil interests, a further study of past regime changes are in order as this appears to be the key.

64 Years Later, CIA Finally Releases Details of Iranian Coup

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Iran, 1951–1954

US Released Report on 1953 CIA Coup Against Iran’s Democratic Government

Zarif: U.S. better save own regime

A deeper look at the next "regime change" clearly shows the same patterns from 1953, once again to secure western oil interests. This video "Inside Story: The Road to Terror - Adam Curtis 1989" further amplifies this reality.

In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group’s George Ball, like Carter a member as well of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran Task Force under the National Security Council’s Brzezinski. Ball recommended Washington drop support of the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalist Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead “case officers” in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power only 25 years earlier. Their scheme was based on detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic Fundamentalism as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, then on assignment at Princeton University in the United States. Lewis’ scheme, which was unveiled in the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks and so forth. The chaos would spread in what he termed an “Arc of Crisis,” which would spill over into the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (pp. 204-205). mine.books. Kindle Edition.  

The coup against the Shah, as that against Mossadegh in 1953, was run by British and American intelligence, characteristically, with the bombastic American, Brzezinski, taking public “credit” for getting rid of the “corrupt” Shah, while the British remained safely in the background.

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (p. 205). mine.books. Kindle Edition. 

During 1978, negotiations between the Shah’s government and British Petroleum were underway for renewal of the 25-year oil extraction agreement. By October 1978 talks collapsed over a British “offer” demanding exclusive rights on Iran’s future oil output, while refusing to guarantee purchase of the oil. With their dependence on British-controlled export apparently at an end, Iran appeared on the verge of independence in its oil sales policy for the first time since 1953, with eager prospective buyers in Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere. In its lead editorial that September, Iran’s Kayhan International wrote, “In retrospect, the 25-year partnership with the (British Petroleum) consortium and the 50-year relationship with British Petroleum which preceded it, have not been satisfactory ones for Iran…Looking to the future, NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) should plan to handle all operations by itself.” London was blackmailing and putting enormous economic pressure on the Shah’s regime by refusing to buy Iranian oil production, taking only 3 million or so barrels daily of a minimum agreed of 5 million barrels/day. This imposed dramatic revenue pressures on Iran, the context in which religious discontent against the Shah could be fanned by trained agitators deployed by British and U.S. intelligence. In addition, strikes among oil workers at this critical juncture crippled Iranian oil production.

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (pp. 205-206). mine.books. Kindle Edition. 

The British government-owned radio refused to give the Shah’s government equal chance to reply. Repeated personal appeals from the Shah to BBC yielded no result. Anglo-American intelligence was committed to topple the Shah. The Shah fled in January and by February 1979, Khomeini had been flown into Teheran to proclaim establishment of his repressive theocratic state to replace the Shah’s government.

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (p. 206). mine.books. Kindle Edition. 

Reflecting on his downfall months later, shortly before his death, the Shah noted from exile, “I did not know it then–perhaps I did not want to know–but it is clear to me now that the Americans wanted me out. Clearly this is what the human rights advocates in the State Department wanted…What was I to make of the Administration’s sudden decision to call former Under Secretary of State George Ball to the White House as an adviser on Iran?…Ball was among those Americans who wanted to abandon me and ultimately my country.”10

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (p. 206). mine.books. Kindle Edition. 

By May 1979, the new Khomeini regime had singled out the country’s nuclear power development plans and announced cancellation of the entire program for French and German nuclear reactor construction.

Engdahl, F. William (2011-10-20). A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (p. 206). mine.books. Kindle Edition. 

This would be easy to ignore if it was not for the fact of how much of this is actually verifiable not to even mention the fact that the same pattern from the 1953 CIA backed coup was used again.

This documentary series further illustrates this premise.

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

Iran knows full well who the Western backed nations are going to use for this "coup" as they once again initiate "regime change".

ANALYSIS: Iran’s future after new US sanctions

Who is the MEK?

Take note of the fact that the first image at the top of this post takes places in front of Cyrus the Greats Tomb. Now look over this post from this same series again: Former or as the Latter: Forces from him will Arise.

Consider for a moment the fact that the first two images from that post in this series came to our attention in 2011. Combined with the fact that this first image is from NATIONAL COUNCIL OF RESISTANCE OF IRAN (NCRI) and this news release Iran: Organizers of the Cyrus the Great Day Were Arrested at Pasargadae in Fars.

Recognize that this is an inversion in the latter days, the opposite of Cyrus the Great. Combining all of these factors together with the Former set of Forces Forces From Him Will Arise: ​Asshur also has joined them they are the strong arm of the children of Lot

The first regime change for Persia in ancient history was when Darius I put an end to the line of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus stated he was a "King of Anshan"  a city and territory of ancient Elam, these are two separate lineages, One from Elam, the other stating "Aryan" and at first glance this important detail is easily overlooked.

son of Cambyses, great king, king of Anshan, grandson of Cyrus, great king, king of Anshan, descendant of Teispes, great king, king of Anshan, of a family [which] always [exercised] kingship.

Darius the Great referred to himself as an "Aryan" which is where the modern name of Iran comes from. Again a deeper historical precedence can be understood through this and the ramifications of "a house divided against itself" culminating in the fall of the Medes and Persians when the confrontation between Alexander the Great and Darius III took place at a latter time.

1. (1-8.) A great god is Ahuramazda, who created this earth, who created yonder sky, who created man, who created happiness for man, who made Darius king, one king of many, one lord of many.

2. (8-15.) I am Darius the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage.

3. (15-30.) Darius the King says: By the favor of Ahuramazda these are the countries which I seized outside of Persia; I ruled over them; they bore tribute to me; what was said to them by me, that they did; my law -- that held them firm; Media, Elam, Parthia, Aria, Bactria, Sogdiana, Chorasmia, Drangiana, Arachosia, Sattagydia, Gandara, Sind, Amyrgian Scythians, Scythians with pointed caps, Babylonia, Assyria, Arabia, Egypt, Armenia, Cappadocia, Sardis, Ionia, Scythians who are across the sea, Skudra, petasos-wearing Ionians, Libyans, Ethiopians, men of Maka, Carians.

4. (30-47.) Darius the King says: Ahuramazda, when he saw this earth in commotion, thereafter bestowed it upon me, made me king; I am king. By the favor of Ahuramazda I put it down in its place; what I said to them, that they did, as was my desire. If now you shall think that "How many are the countries which King Darius held?" look at the sculptures (of those) who bear the throne, then shall you know, then shall it become known to you: the spear of a Persian man has gone forth far; then shall it become known to you: a Persian man has delivered battle far indeed from Persia.

5. (47-55.) Darius the King says: This which has been done, all that by the will of Ahuramazda I did. Ahuramazda bore me aid, until I did the work. May Ahuramazda protect me from harm, and my royal house, and this land: this I pray of Ahuramazda, this may Ahuramazda give to me!

6. (56-60.) O man, that which is the command of Ahuramazda, let this not seem repugnant to you; do not leave the right path; do not rise in rebellion.

Darius I also setup a "Theocracy" at this time "A great god is Ahuramazda, who created this earth, who created yonder sky, who created man, who created happiness for man, who made Darius king, one king of many, one lord of many". 

There is vast evidence which proves Zarathustra was alive at the time of Darius I through two separate "religious" texts that have been blatantly ignored since the 1800's. The current regime in Iran is also referred to as "Theocratic" or a "Caliphate" in its role as a governing body. 

These parallels are so crucial in understanding the very events playing out in these latter days.

One can readily see that the latter set of Forces has been maneuvered into place as the confrontation with Iran is unfolding in front of our very eyes. 

Combining all of these factors together and understanding "that which has been, is that which will be" a very dangerous allegiance has been made and the atypical concept of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" has now opened the door for the "Treacherous Dealer"

For a broader understanding of "regime change" in the ancient Persian empire watch this teaching from 2016 on The Bands of Time.

Author: Overt Attention Show 2017

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